The National Indigenous Knowledge Management System

The National IK Registration System formerly known as the National Recordal System and the National IK Management System (NIKMAS), represents an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) platform for the management of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) as governed by the Protection, Promotion, Development and Management of Indigenous Knowledge Act No 6 of 2019. The IK Registration System is the technology platform that is connected to IKS Documentation Centres that support communities to record their indigenous knowledge. The IK information accessed and published through the national IK Registration System has ownership vested in communities. Accessing these through the IK Registration System requires permission and authorisation. Click here for more information

Future systems that will be available via the NIKSO Portal include the IK Register of Designations.



*IKSDC - Indigenous Knowledge Systems Documentation Centre

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Operations provided by NIKMAS are as follows:

Explore indigenous knowledge (IK)
  • African Traditional Medicine
  • Food Security


The Pharmacopoeia is a prior art database which holds information on the use, quality, efficacy and safety of traditional African medicines in South Africa. The database draws on published resources on plants, its botanical distribution and its uses for medicinal purposes, which are digitised to provide information, cross-referencing and research outputs for use by researchers, community members, traditional healers and a wide range of global users. This database is not intended for medical or health advice and may not be used as a substitute for professional consultation from experts. Click here for more information

Featured Plant

Lobostemon fruticosus (L.) Buek

An evergreen shrub, it grows about 1 metre high with numerous, long branches shooting from the base. The rough leaves, without stalks, are arranged alternatively around the stems of the younger, upper branches. The narrow, oval-shaped leaves are about 400 mm long with sharp tips that point up and outwards. Flowering is from early spring to summer, turning the grey, inconspicuous bushes into a colourful display with clusters of flowers in delicate shades of pink and blue. The pink bud opens into a bell-shaped flower, of which the inside and back remain pink but the tips of the 5 petals wash into light blue. The flower colour is variable with some plants more blue, others more pink and occasionally white. The seeds are four little nutlets with spiny tips. 1
1 PlantZAfrica - Lobostemon fruticosus

Operations provided by Pharmacopoeia are as follows: