About NIKSO Portal

The National Indigenous Knowledge Systems Office (NIKSO) is established by the Protection, Promotion, Development and Management of Indigenous Knowledge Act, No 6 of 2019. NIKSO fulfil the functions and duties stipulated in the Act, which include, but are not limited to ΜΆ
  1. The implementation of the IK Act;
  2. Protecting and recognising indigenous knowledge as property owned by indigenous communities;
  3. Facilitating the redress of rights and benefits to indigenous communities which have previously been deprived of such rights and benefits;
  4. Facilitating and coordinating the development of indigenous knowledge;
  5. Establishing and managing the curation of indigenous knowledge and the curation and accreditation of indigenous knowledge practitioners;
  6. Empowering indigenous communities through education and awareness campaigns to enable them to recognise and utilise indigenous knowledge for cultural and economic benefit;
  7. Determining the criteria for issuing licences for the use of indigenous knowledge;
  8. Assisting indigenous communities in the negotiation of benefit-sharing agreements for use of indigenous knowledge; and
  9. Carrying out any functions that are consistent with the objects of this Act.

Our Vision

In pursuance of its strategic mandate as enshrined in the IK Act, No 6 of 2019, our vision is the protection, promotion, development and management of indigenous knowledge for social and economic welfare of indigenous communities.

Our Mission

To promote compliance with the IK Act, No 6 of 2019, through advocacy and enforcement, in order to ensure fair and equitable benefits accruing to holders of indigenous knowledge and fair business practice of users of indigenous knowledge.